Transport Group Projects

The Transition Tynedale Transport group have selected 2 projects to work on:

One involves using cars differently:

We’re going to investigate setting up a car club and a liftshare scheme. We will be circulating questionnaires to test out interest and then see whether either or both schemes are feasible in Hexham. Both would reduce car ownership and mileage and would therefore contribute to a reduction in traffic and carbon emissions – as well as saving money for those who join either scheme.

The second project concerns air quality:

We intend to monitor levels of Nitrous Oxide in the air, with the aim of raising awareness of the degree of air pollution in congested areas of the town. We will be liaising with Sheffield Council who have been monitoring air quality there for many years, and hope to involve Hexham residents with monitoring different locations in the town, as well as asking school pupils to carry out surveys of  traffic density to see what correlation there is between the two sets of results.

If you’d like to be part of either or both of these projects in any way, or even if you’d just like to be kept up to date with them, please contact Jane ( or Debbie (  . . . . . . or keep looking on the website!

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