Energy monitor scheme expanding

Electricity Monitor Library scheme expanding

As the first phase of lending electricity monitors from No. 28 Derwent Road in the East End of Hexham has come to an end, some of the monitors have been transferred to interested villages. A batch is now available for borrowing from Debbie in Ovingham and another from Malcolm in Riding Mill. In Prudhoe we approached SCA to support the project there, and they have provided the funding for a further 10 monitors, which are being loaned out by the Prudhoe Partnership from the Prudhoe Info Point.

Most borrowers report that they have become much more knowledgeable about their electricity use and have made changes in order to reduce their bills. Two borrowers have been sufficiently impressed to want to keep their own and have bought monitors at Wardhaugh’s in Hexham, who had agreed to sell them at the favourable rate of £33 each.

If anyone would like to be the contact point to make some available for their local community, please contact Debbie to see when a batch will become available (

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