HMS Community Garden Update and Plan

A garden planning meeting was held a couple of weeks ago and we agreed a basic plan for the garden inspired by Andrew!! The plan is to have a meandering  path down the garden with more growing areas for veg as well as herbs and other perennials on either side. The aim being to develop an attractive garden that can be enjoyed and relaxed in, as well as being a productive growing area. On Sat 5th November we had a really positive morning and marked out the path and began creating a new growing area to one side.

We have decided to plant an edible hedge to create separation  between the main veg area and the fruit area at the bottom. There is lots of work to be done developing the path and new beds but it feels like we have really created a design for the garden and a plan for the work over the coming months. Tim has kindly put our work plan in  the form of a table (attached).

At the meeting we also discussed how we would use the £1800 we were awarded by the Community Chest Fund. It was agreed it was a priority to have a notice board that can display forthcoming events/work days as well as giving info on what the garden is all about. We will also organise a garden event in 2012 to involve the local community and hopefully the school community and members of transition Tynedale. We also plan to use the money to buy plants, membrane, compost and any extra  tools we may need. The next work morning  is on Sat 3rd Dec at 10 am ( assuming we are not snowed under!!) do come along!!

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