Minutes of Air Quality meeting


  1. To measure the levels of nitrous oxide in the air at a range of locations in Hexham  with assumed presence of harmful particulates in the same relative proportions, both inside and outside cars
  2. To collect data about traffic density in different locations
  3. To analyse both sets of data to see to what degree they correlate
  4. To publicise the results in the hope of having an effect on driving behaviour such that the levels might be reduced and the town centre become safer and healthier for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Actions taken so far:

  1. Investigation of Sheffield’s longterm Care4Air project
  2. Discussions with local solicitor who has been involved with Egger over issues of air pollution for many years and has agreed to approach the company at the end of November on our behalf about funding for diffuser tubes which would collect information on the levels of nitrous oxide.
  3. Approach to Northumberland County Council to see if they would be willing to analyse the data from the diffusers to authenticate the results
  4. Initial contact made with QEHS with a view to incorporating various aspects of out research into their Geography coursework

Actions decided upon:

  1. A visit to Sheffield to discuss their project so that we can benefit from their experience.
  2. Mapping of Hexham to decide on appropriate locations for diffusers
  3. Looking for alternative funding if Egger is unwilling to act as funder
  4. Further discussions with QEHS
  5. Plan methods of engaging local people with hosting a diffuser on eg a downpipe

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