Energy Saving Week – Oct 24th – Oct 31st

The Energy Saving Trust have designated this week as National Energy Saving Week.

The  Energy saving trust is the official government trust set up to give impartial, up to date advice on all things to do with saving energy, both in the home and business.  There is lots of detailed  information but also fun things to do, lots of energy saving tips, and even competitions to win energy saving gadgets – with luck you might win a AAA rated washing machine!

The site is well worth checking out for useful information on everything for different types of house insulation to generating your own electricity. This week they are launching a calculator where you can estimate the amount of electricity you can personally expect to generate from installing  solar generating panels on your house roof – worth checking out if only to get an idea of how much money you can save per year from your own roof!

All this can be found at

About suehick

A longstanding member of Transition Tynedale since its inception I am now residing partially in Singapore since my husband started working in 2011. Prior to this I helped start the community gardens at no 28 and HMS, the garden share scheme and the Farmers market stalls. I now follow TT work online and on holiday in England and am willing to help with online fundraising, grant applications etc - anything that doesn't need my physical presence !
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