Thanks to all our Apple Helpers!

A massive THANK YOU to all those that donated apples, pummelled the fruit in our primitive crushing tubs, cranked the presses, and drank the juice at our two recent APPLE EVENTS Saturday 24th September at the Hexham Eating Festival and Saturday 22ndOctober at Hexham Farmers Market.

In particular a big thank you to our friends at Leazes Lane, the Sele and Dilston College, and especialy the young people who did most of the work. All the apples we pressed were donated to Transition Tynedale and we very much appreciate this.

We have big plans for apples, apple juice (and cider!) next year, with ideas for getting more of Hexham’s surplus apple crop put to good use.

Full marks to Pat, Fran and Martin for manufacturing the great timber apple press and to Jonah for the loan of his super little metal press.

In the meantime, plant locally sourced apple trees and buy UK apples…

2 thoughts on “Thanks to all our Apple Helpers!

  1. I’m looking for a Bramley’s Seedling tree within 10 miles of Stocksfield to take a cutting from. I just need a 6 inches of last years growth as I have a rootstock but no scion wood. I’m Graeme on 01661 842320 06/03/2013

    1. Hi Graeme,
      have you visited the orchard at Leazes Lane, Hexham? There are a couple of cookers in there, but I’m not entirely sure if they’re bramleys or something else. I’m happy to meet up sometime to show you the one I know for sure.

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