Wanted, Travel Diarists!

Calling all Transition Tynedale members (and friends)…

We’re looking for help from TT members to raise awareness about how we travel here in Tynedale. Can you help us with a pilot trial of a travel diary? It’s very straight forward and you might find it fun and quite revealing!

A small group of us have started work towards an event aimed at raising awareness of ways to reduce car use to tie in with World Carfree Day, September 22nd. Part of any move for change is to know where we are now, hence the travel diary.  These have happened in other places and we’d like to be able to report back a real local example. That’s where the pilot survey comes in. We realise that we are probably talking to the converted here and won’t get ‘typical’ results but we are not aiming for a robust survey, just an illustration. The survey is attached and we’d really like you to:

  • Complete the travel diary (available here) for a seven day period, ideally when you are based at home rather than being away on holiday. The deadline for return is the 9th September
  • Send us feedback on the form
  • Send us any thoughts, ideas you have on this topic
  • Put the 21st September, 7.30, Abbey Tea Rooms, Hexham in your diary. The event will cover topics such as car clubs, car and lift share, thoughts and ideas about public transport, electric bikes, cycling and walking.
  • Put World Carfree day, 22nd September, in your diary too

We are currently gathering information from the north east and Cumbria on experiences with car clubs, car and lift sharing. If you have any experiences you want to share, do let us know either via the web site or by e mailing info@transitiontynedale.org

So, why not start now with the diary? And pass it on and encourage one or two others to do so too. It will be completely anonymous. Contact details are only asked for if you want to be more actively involved in this group.

Many thanks and enjoy doing the diary

PS: For information, the ‘we’ are Liz Kampman, Debbie Reed and Jane Brantom

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